Hirschfeld Communications acquires towers from owners who desire to transfer their assets at competitive rates. Hirschfeld is most interested in assets located in the continental United States, but will consider locations worldwide. Owners may contact us with the specifics of their inventory for our consideration. Any purchase must allow adequate time to perform due diligence and must include transfer of original documentation sufficient to satisfy standard lending and wireless carrier needs.  If you have towers for sale please click here.

Hirschfeld Communications Will Purchase Land for Communications Towers

Owners of vacant land which may be suitable for communications towers are invited to contact Hirschfeld Communications for consideration of use of the property. Hirschfeld usually enters into an agreement to purchase the land and will consider a lease containing an option to purchase. The company is flexible and will also consider other arrangements such as a straight land lease.  If you have land you are interested in selling or leasing for use as a communications tower site please click here.


Contractors experienced in wireless site leasing, zoning, permitting and/or construction are invited to apply for inclusion on our preferred vendor lists. As opportunities become available, we use our preferred vendors to supplement our own staff to meet our clients’ needs. Only those organizations with an aggressive level of client responsiveness and service will be considered.  Interested contractors please click here.

Hirschfeld Communications Employment Opportunities

Hirschfeld Communications is continually adding to its highly qualified team of wireless tower professionals. If you feel you can add to our team, and enjoy the challenge of aggressively addressing and fulfilling clients’ needs, we encourage you to apply for employment.  For inquiries regarding employment opportunities please click here.

Hirschfeld Communications General Information

Hirschfeld Communications is an aggressive and experienced wireless tower and construction provider. For general inquiries please click here.