Hirschfeld Communications CollocationHirschfeld Communications’ primary focus is the leasing of tower and ground space to wireless carriers at sites owned and managed by Hirschfeld. Hirschfeld has a streamlined system in place which provides rapid response to co-location inquiries as well as expedited processing of site licenses and related documentation. Hirschfeld’s comprehensive tower co-location service enables carriers to accelerate their deployment schedules and relieves carriers of the many administrative aspects of installing antennas on wireless towers. The firm offers comprehensive lines and antenna installation services as part of its co-location program.

Carriers interested in transmitting from a certain location can apply for co-location leasing with Hirschfeld. Hirschfeld will work closely with the carrier to identify an available vertical tower space (RAD center) that meets the needs of the customer and the capacity constraints of the tower. Hirschfeld will also coordinate the usage of ground space to ensure proper compound space is available for the carrier to install its equipment. If necessary, Hirschfeld will work with landowners to make available additional ground space for the carrier’s shelter and equipment.

In addition, for each new installation, Hirschfeld will manage specific engineering requirements to ensure the tower is structurally capable and the carrier’s RF transmissions do not interfere with those of other tenants.

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